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There are numerous reasons why people and businesses in Lansing might require the services of our private detectives from Lansing Illinois. If you feel you've been wronged or are a law firm in Lansing Illinois trying to help a customer who has been wronged, you likely come here for help uncovering the facts. R.A. Private Investigations was founded with the idea that truth is important and that should we be able to bring it to light and make it clear, we are an essential component to the evolution of justice. Engaging an individual of our investigators can assist you in uncovering crucial information that may be essential to a successful legal case or your peace of mind. We are specialists in the art of investigative science and utilize our extensive knowledge and connections to to bridge the gap between the known and unknown. With this in mind when you contact us to become your private detective in Lansing Illinois We will analyze the situation and outline with you the outcome we hope to achieve. R.A. Private Investigations is one of the fastest-growing private investigation companies in Illinois and is committed to serving those we serve to the maximum legal extent. Call the number at the top of the page or press on the "call now" button and chat with one of the most experienced private investigators in Lansing Illinois.

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Best Rated Private Detective in Lansing Illinois

Utilizing a more contemporary approach to private investigative work we discover the truth using modern technology whenever we can. However, oftentimes it takes careful private detective's evaluation that encompasses surveillance, interviewing witnesses, reviewing information, and looking for connections that were overlooked. Never underestimate the ability of a skilled private investigator to find information that other people have not considered, or underutilized to its fullest capacity. The top of the best private investigators employ both modern investigative techniques and old fashioned detective work. Call our private detectives from Lansing Illinois today and discuss how we can assist you.

Surveillance Investigation Detectives for Lansing Illinois

If we are doing surveillance in Lansing Illinois, our first objective is to perform surveillance without being spotted. Secondly, we will endeavor to record information using unmanned cameras, manned video footage, and electronic monitoring equipment. We will present a comprehensive report that lets you identify key minute/second markers and the elements that are believed to be crucial in the investigation must be highlighted. The highlighted areas can be confirmed with the help of evidence of surveillance or witnesses' testimony in any given civil and criminal procedure. Our goal is to bring to you all the facts in an easy way that lets you quickly access the information you require. Our attention to detail and reconciliation to fact finding evidence is just one reason many law firms love to work with us.

Criminal Defense Investigations for Lansing Illinois

Our criminal defense investigators are trained in Brandon Perron's "Component Method" of the obligatory investigation procedure. When interviewing the defendant witnesses, victims, and defendant investigators use the Wicklander-Zulawski approach. We provide thorough vetting of experts from the State's side using the Daubert standard, and our agents offer mitigation aid trial preparation, jury selection and post-conviction appellate assistance.


Wrongful Death Detectives for Lansing Illinois

For any death investigation in Lansing Illinois we collaborate in conjunction with Dr. Laura Pettler and Associates in personal injury and other death investigations. We follow her murder-room staging taxonomy when assessing suspicious deaths that involve predetermined accidental, suicidal, and unknown investigations.

Family Law & Child Custody Investigations for Lansing Illinois

We specialize in alimony termination and parenting plan agreements in Lansing Illinois that aim to find the best goal in the best interest of the child. Special investigators within these squadrons have many years of experience in dealing directly with mental illness, addiction to substances and other issues. C.P.S. & D.C.F.S. councilors. These experts are adept at garnering a favored result in the eyes of those in charge, G.A.L. and judge to ensure that the preservation of the family is not the only thing that is important to the child's health.

Missing Persons Detectives for Lansing Illinois

R.A. Private Investigations specializes in missing people investigations. We work with Private Investigators For The Missing (Non-Profit) If a person you know or love is missing and the Lansing Police are not able to help, please contact us. We have a division liaison that works diligently on these cases which specializes in dealing directly with the Ashanti Alert Communication's Network Coordinator in your area.

Full Service Private Security Contracting Agency

Alongside our personal investigative services We also provide a high-end private security executive protection services for top-of-the-line customers with priority. Our bodyguards are well versed in the most militant skills sets of guerilla tactics developed to ensure survival and preservation amidst hostile takeovers. To counter this, we take pride in providing a full range of hospitality and customer service, cautious not to overbear the guests of our clients. We use verbal judo and other de-escalation techniques to provide our clients a safe nevertheless comfortable experience.

How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost in Lansing Illinois

While we strive to offer the highest quality investigative work we also attempt to do this in a budget-friendly way. To estimate the cost of our private detectives within Lansing Illinois we'll need to know the parameters and nature that the probe will take. In some situations there are specific items that are required such as travel or additional material that is not covered by our standard agreements which may require additional money. We try to include everything in our hourly rates. With many of our larger scope investigations, our private investigator for Lansing Illinois will utilize a retainer, which allows us to charge you based on your deposit.

In addition, corporate rates can be set up for any law firms located in Lansing Illinois and insurance agents in Lansing Illinois who require our assistance on a regular basis. When you call us to discuss your case we will also endeavor to offer a cost range we believe will meet the objectives discussed and other parameters that satisfy the client's requirements desires, needs, and objectives.


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