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A private detective can help you uncover facts or corroborating evidence that you may need to find the truth. RAPIS provides anyone in the Chicagoland area with high quality private detectives who will take the time to understand your case and work with you to determine where the investigation work should start. Contact our private investigators today to discuss how we can help you. We will always be 100% upfront with any customers on if we feel we can help them or not. When we take your case you will have some of the best private detectives available in Chicago; working for you. Call us today!

Private Detective Agency in Chicago Illinois

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our corporate clients which include top law firms and businesses in the Chicago area. If you want the best private detectives & investigators in Chicago IL, call us today.

Fraud Investigation Detective

Whether it is insurance fraud, identity theft, cyber hacking or corporate embezzlement, fraud is prevalent in our society. Let our private investigators in Chicago work to solve your case.

Private Investigator In Chicago IL

If you suspect something amiss, we will work diligently to uncover the veil to the ulterior motive, giving you peace mind. Our private detectives have helped solve cases in Chicago that may be similar to yours, call us to discuss the details of your circumstance and let us find ways to help you.

Why Hire Private Detectives for Investigation Work

If you live in Illinois you will want a private investigator in Illinois who understand the nuisance laws pertaining to how detective work must be conducted.  With our private detectives in Illinois, we have the experience you need for most types of investigations.  Our experience is not limited to but consists of hundreds of hours of surveillance work, child custody cases, insurance workman's comp, and criminal investigations. 

What We Can Do For You

First, our private detectives will meet with you and discuss the merits and objectives of your case.  We will determine if there is reasonable work that we can conduct that can benefit you.  Providing that we can take up your investigation we will then get to work collecting the necessary evidence that can help insulate or improve your case or what you have hired us for.  Our investigators in Illinois provide you will a detailed report that will include all the agreed material we are hired to collect.  This may include video surveillance, witness interviews, and data collected in other various ways. 

How To Hire  A Private Investigator in Illinois 

We make it simple to hire one of our private detectives.  Please select the location you need an investigator in and click our call button.  You will be directed to the closest private investigator that is available. 

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